5 Aug 2012

Maids of the Mist

Maids of the Mist is a fictional tale about two young wastrels growing up in Niagara Falls, ON.




miss yvonne said...

hi there i just wanted to tell you how much i liked maids of the mist. it reminds me of the girly buddy bradley! i met you briefly at the comics festival yesterday, you signed my copy. thanks for the great comic

miss yvonne said...

have you read the book 'food pets die for'? it's great. it makes a great case for cooking your own pet food. maybe you do that already. i don't know about the veggie cat though, i think they are naturally carnivorous, unlike humans. i mean in nature, your cat would never choose only plant food. but i guess domestication isn't exactly nature....
i like your puppets too! i should have taken a closer look at them.